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So, who’s moving to Kansas City?

“Move to Kansas City” tweets are flowing on Twitter.

In an interview today, Zaarly founder Bo Fishback said Google Fiber will “kickstart a wave of new startup energy and activity” in Kansas City’s startup community. On Twitter, it appears it’s begun.

Though not specifically “startup energy,” a Twitter search for “#GoogleFiber AND ‘move’ ” turns up a flowing list of results. “Wow, Google Fiber makes me want to move to Kansas City,” a Los Angeles-based designer tweeted. “Anyone want to move to Kansas City with me and start a Fiberhood?” ABC News’ technology editor tweeted.

It makes me wonder if articles like the one I read earlier this week about a Boston area-based startup will begin to fade away. “(William Neely) says PieceWise was founded by three friends who met at Kansas State University, and a fourth founder from University of Kansas,” the Boston Globe reported. “They began moving to Cambridge last September, seeking out a supportive startup ecosystem.”

Before we know it, we could have an editor from The Next Web living in KC, too. The tech blog’s Drew Olanoff wrote: “You can pre-register now if you live in Kansas City, Missouri, or you can cry because you don’t live there like the rest of us […] Forget it, I’m packing my bags now. Who’s coming with me?”

Here are some others that are considering joining Olanoff, or at least have expressed so on Twitter.

If you’re actually planning on moving to either Kansas City, Kan. or Kansas City, Mo. for Google Fiber, let us know. Email editor@siliconprairienews.com.

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