A look at Nebraska’s investment landscape

By SPN Newsroom / October 20, 2021

Talk to tech entrepreneurs in Nebraska, and they’re likely to laud the region’s innovative spirit. Next-level startups like Flywheel, Buildertrend, Lunavi, Hudl and more have grown an international presence and put the Cornhusker state on the map.  Even a cornerstone enterprise like Lincoln-based Nelnet has implemented its own innovation division. Conferences like the IO Summit,…

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Bitcoin Day KC localizes the conversation about crypto

By Mitch Hinrichs / October 14, 2021

As central banks further soften fiat currency, the world is waking up to the realities of hard money, thanks in no small part to Bitcoin.  Having recently broken $57,000 again, and with no signs of slowing down, the world’s leading cryptocurrency demands our immediate attention. At minimum, it’s worth investing some time to understand what…

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Opinion: Why you should narrow your next business location to certified sites

By Subash Alias / September 30, 2021

The following is an opinion piece from Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership, a public-private economic development organization. It does not necessarily reflect the views of SPN. Business expansions are an exciting prospect, but they can also be intimidating. Major setbacks and delays during business expansion can cost a fortune. If your company needs assurance that…

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Hip, hip, hippocampus: how driving games can build your brain

By Tom McCauley / September 24, 2021

I lead a reasonably stressful life. Sometimes by choice, sometimes not. In addition to a challenging full time job and occasional freelance work, I try to triangulate my hobbies—writing, music, comedy—as best I can. It’s not easy. It’s not supposed to be.  Stress can be good. When it kicks in hard, it can help us flee…

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Breeze just raised $10 million. Here’s what they have in store.

By Colin Nabity / September 15, 2021

This is a guest post from Colin Nabity, CEO of insurtech startup Breeze. The original can be found here. The TL;DR on our recent financing round. Last month, we announced our $10 million Series A led by Link Ventures with participation from Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, M25, Fiat Ventures, and Invest Nebraska. You can read…

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