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With “Living Search,” updated Leap2 looks to satisfy ongoing curiosities

Leap It allows a user to keep a search query active for up to one week.

Leap2 today released a new version of its mobile app, marking a shift in the startup’s mission to reinvent mobile search. Now in its third version since a November 2011 launch, the app scales back Leap2’s original search verticals – removing categories like social buzz and maps – and puts more focus on a new feature it calls “Leap It.”

The new feature uses Leap2’s “Living Search” platform, which allows searches to “live on” for a period of six hours, one day or one week. This feature alerts users – they’ll see a red notification in the app – when new relevant information is published. Leap2 believes search queries are an ongoing curiosity. Leap It aims to cater to this curiosity.

The new app also presents a Twitter search with every result, using the top half of the screen to display Twitter results and the bottom half to present the homepages of a search’s top three results. The app integrates API data from Bing, Yahoo! Local, Foursquare, Yelp and Twitter.

Leap2 scaled back its list of vertical search categories, keeping images, local and web search. 

In an email today, Leap2 co-founder and CEO Mike Farmer reflected on his app’s latest version. “Once we started in on Living Search it seemed like we all went on a two-month adrenaline rush – all nighters, 24/7 coding, etc.,” Farmer said. “I think we are just scratching the surface on how social media streams can inform/influence web search. We have a ton of work ahead of us, but as the innovation pathway feels disruptive, hopefully inspiration will drive us continue to churn out compelling stuff.”

Leap2, which makes its app for iOS and Android phones, was founded in Kansas City, Kan. in January 2011. The startup has raised $380,000 in seed funding to date. Its leadership team includes Farmer and co-founder Dan Carroll, plus advisors and investors Thad Langford and Aaron McKee.


Credits: Images courtesy of Leap2.

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