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CNN shines spotlight on Kansas City Startup Village (Video)

CNN show Anderson Cooper 360º on Monday highlighted the entrepreneurial activity taking place in the first neighborhood to receive Google Fiber in the Kansas City area.

“In the bustling heart of Kansas City, the pioneer spirit is burning brightly,” CNN’s Tom Foreman reports as footage from the Nov. 28 edition of 1 Million Cups appears. “Entrepreneurs trading ideas, exploring concepts and much of it revolves around a handful of houses on a few beaten up blocks where some small internet startups are drawing national attention.”

That “handful of houses” is Kansas City Startup Village, a grassroots group that aims to build a physical community of startups. Two of the group’s members, Leap2 and Local Ruckus, are featured in the story, which CNN recorded Nov. 27-28.

Anderson Cooper 360º hasn’t yet published the story on its website, but Startup Village uploaded it to its YouTube page (above) and added it to its fast growing list of press mentions.

The group also posted a “behind the scenes” video (below) of CNN’s interview with Local Ruckus co-founder and Startup Village organizer Matthew Marcus. In the interview, Marcus shares his thoughts about the community created by Startup Village (tune to the 3-minute mark).

For more on the Kansas City Startup Village, see our post: “Google puts Kansas City home shared by startups at front of Fiber line“.


Credits: Videos from Kansas City Startup Village on YouTube.

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