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Omaha startups set out to raise $2,000 for nearby shelter

December 11, 2012 by

The funds collected by Startups for Siena will be used to help Siena/Francis House’s most critical needs.

About five blocks from The Mastercraft, a building that houses more than a half-dozen Omaha startups, sits the Siena/Francis House, Nebraska’s largest homeless shelter.

In an effort to lend a hand to their neighbor, several companies based in The Mastercraft – and a handful of companies located elsewhere – are aiming to raise $2,000 for the shelter. They’re calling the fundraiser Startups for Siena.

“Organizers wanted to pool resources and do something nice this holiday season, and Startups for Siena was an obvious choice,” Pat Lazure, an entrepreneur involved in the effort, said in an email interview. In addition to raising money, Lazure said, the effort seeks to raise awareness for the Siena/Francis House, which provided meals and overnight shelter to more than 4,000 homeless men, women and children in 2011.

Silicon Prairie News has contributed, along with companies that include Flywheel, MindMixer and PeggyBank. The group also invites non-startups to participate as well.

To learn more about Startups for Sienna or contribute, visit


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