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Help us recognize a Silicon Prairie Champion and Ambassador

Members of the Goodsmiths team, winners of the New Startup of the Year in 2012, pose for a photo on the Silicon Prairie Awards’ “orange carpet.”

The Silicon Prairie Awards celebrates the main reason we began this organization five year ago—to focus on the incredible community that is supporting, connecting and building each and every day. With that in mind, this event is not just to honor the award recipients, but it’s to celebrate what you and everyone else in the community is doing.

As you can see from the photos of last year’s event, it’s a great time to get dolled up, see old friends and make new ones!

This year’s event is August 29 in Des Moines, and thanks to the amazing support from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, we’ll have two buses—outfitted with Wi-Fi and fun—that will bring in attendees from Omaha and Kansas City. If you haven’t yet, grab your awards and bus ticket today!

The Silicon Prairie community gathers in Omaha for the inaugural Silicon Prairie Awards.

Ten of our awards recognize business accomplishments, but today I wanted to draw attention to the two that focus on community impact—the Silicon Prairie Champion and the Silicon Prairie Ambassador.

Silicon Prairie Community Champion

Across our region, there are supporting players within the ecosystem that take time out of their day to go the extra mile. The tireless work to build, highlight and connect the community both in and out of the area. This award recognizes the individual, company or organization that has been a true champion to their local startup community over the past 12 months.

Who is that individual you feel has been impactful to the community in your city? Make sure to submit their name below.

Silicon Prairie Ambassador

With this award, our goal is to recognize the person who, although they’ve moved away from our region, they still continue to advocate for the Silicon Prairie in their new city and community. Whether they’ve seized an opportunity in Silicon Valley or New York, they are proud of what the community here is doing, and aren’t afraid to tell others about it.


Credits: Photos by Malone and Company

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