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Klink Mobile founder discusses the power of connective leadership

Even though Huffington Post published this article almost a year ago, Klink Mobile founder Jessie Bishop‘s writings on women and connective leadership are no less timely. Last year on a trip to Kabul, Bishop writes that she was struck by the ability of the mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins of her Afghan hosts to connect with others—despite their physical and, in this case, lingual barriers. “And it made me wonder, ‘What is it that enables women to be so good at connecting across barriers?'” Bishop wrote. “Perhaps more importantly, with Forbes dubbing entrepreneurship ‘the new women’s movement,’ ‘What exactly is the link between connecting well and female entrepreneurship?'” The experience inspired Bishop to take a deeper look at the way connective leadership can be used in an entrepreneurial setting. “It seems more important to me now than ever before to make sure that the culture of business learns to embrace a diversity of leadership styles instead of continuing to squeeze individuals into a stale image of what leadership should be,” Bishop wrote. — Source: Huffington Post

Credits: Photo courtesy Klink Mobile. 

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