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With Zinc Save, shoppers can now use Dwolla to pay for Amazon purchases

Zinc Save allows customers to save money while shopping on Amazon.com and pay using Dwolla.

Next time you hit the “checkout” button on Amazon.com, you’ll have the option of paying with Dwolla. Through Zinc Save—a plugin for Google Chrome—customers are able to order goods online and pay with funds from their Dwolla account.

The process is simple: Download Zinc Save, go to Amazon.com and purchase items using funds in your Dwolla account.

“Today, everything you can buy on Amazon.com can be paid for with Dwolla,” Dwolla’s founder Ben Milne wrote Friday in a post on the startup’s blog. “It’s a pretty amazing demonstration of what can happen when a network has a dead simple value prop, a brilliant group of people chase an idea, and when one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces is on the other side.”

The creators of Dwolla realized that being a user with few local businesses that actually accept Dwolla can be frustrating. Now through Zinc Save, geographic location won’t be a factor that holds users back from paying with Dwolla. The Des Moines-based startup’s beta launch of Dwolla Credit and the Dwolla Storefront in October 2013 also helps serve a similar user demographic.

Zinc Save not only allows Amazon customers to pay with Dwolla but also gets the purchaser a discount on a variety of products on the site.

Milne writes that he’s already made two Amazon purchases using Dwolla as payment.

“My first two purchases? Pre-ordering Ben Horowitz‘s book, ‘The Hard Things About the Hard Things‘ and David Wolman‘s, ‘The End Of Money.'”


Credits: Zinc Save image from Dwolla’s blog

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