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Dwolla announces e-invoicing partnership with GoDaddy

Dwolla announced on its blog Thursday that the Des Moines-based payments startup has partnered with GoDaddy to create a new e-invoicing system for the hosting company’s business customers. 

“We’ve teamed up with GoDaddy to help ensure their 12 million customers can get paid how and when they want—in the easiest way possible,” Jordan Lampe, Dwolla’s director of communications, wrote on the company’s blog

Using Dwolla’s API and the guest checkout feature the startup released in Nov. 2012, GoDaddy allows its business class users to send e-invoices to their customers or vendors, all without needing to create a Dwolla account. That means that companies can easily invoice and pay customers without creating a third-party account, like many payment systems like PayPal require.

If the company already has a Dwolla account, they can simply connect it with GoDaddy and use Dwolla’s e-check feature to invoice and make payments directly from the company’s bank account. Syncing Dwolla and GoDaddy accounts also would mean all of your past and future transactions will be imported into GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping system for easy access and tracking. 

GoDaddy already has ties to the Hawkeye State not only through its offices in Hiawatha, Iowa, a northern suburb of Cedar Rapids, but also because of its founder and executive chairman, Bob Parsons. In 1984, Parsons founded Cedar Rapids-based company Parsons Technology. Ten years later, he sold the company to Intuit for $64 million. 

Along with its work with GoDaddy, 2014 has meant partnerships with larger brands for Dwolla. Earlier this month, startup announced a Dwolla Windows app, now available in the Microsoft Store, and almost exactly one month ago, Dwolla users learned they can now pay for Amazon purchases with Dwolla.  

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