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KCSV helps send 14 KU students on networking trip to Seattle

Last fall, the Kansas City Startup Village‘s inaugural MECA Innovation Challenge tasked high school and college students with creating tech solutions for area startups

Now the event is helping even more students toward entrepreneurial success. With funds from MECA, ISAK—Information Systems Association of KU—is able to send 14 students on a two-day networking trip to Seattle.

KCSV leader Adam Arredondo said that in exchange for ISAK’s help organizing the event, MECA was able to provide $1,000 in support to the student organization as well as helping facilitate the trip itself.

“Any time students get an opportunity to see and learn from professionals in technology and entrepreneurship, the better off they are,” Arredondo said. “Technology is being integrated deeper into every industry so a greater understanding of it can’t hurt. Likewise, entrepreneurship is simply about problem solving and innovative thinking, which too is a valuable skill set no matter which career the student pursues.”

Arredondo says the large-scale tech companies based in Seattle make the two-day visit a “highly worthwhile field trip.” The ISAK students will be in Seattle March 27-29 and visit companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Deloitte Digital, as well as meet with various KU alums in Seattle’s tech sector for a dinner.

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