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Startup all grown up: BuilderTREND moves into two story office


OMAHA—BuilderTREND, a construction software startup that began in 2006, has grown up.

The company moved into a new two story office earlier this fall and held an open house for the public Thursday where more than 300 people toured its new digs.

BuilderTREND’s software allows homebuilders to organize and communicate about their projects with client-homeowners, subcontractors, bankers and others. The new office is at 11711 Nicholas St. in Miracle Hills, a business park that is home to other startups like D3 Banking, Prairie Cloudware and venture capitalists, Treetop Ventures.

Co-founder Dan Houghton said they picked the building for its central location. They have people from every end of Omaha and even Elkhorn, Wahoo and Lincoln, so 114th and Dodge area is almost the middle of the city, Houghton said. It’s also surrounded with lots of good restaurants and bars.

The location and the size is an improvement as its original office, which they moved into five years ago with 12 people. Now it literally was busting at the seams, Houghton said.

The new 26,000-square-foot building, which they bought in May and finished renovation this summer, is an improvement, he said. Meg Krause of RDG designed it and MCL did the construction.

The space boasts plenty of room for employees and also huge lounge areas and a rec room with ping pong, pool table and more.

“We want this place to be something employees feel good about coming to work at and something they can be proud of,” Houghton said. “We built in this stuff so employees can get away for a few minutes… not to keep them here to work longer.

“We want people to come to work and work hard but also enjoy what you do.”

As for the latest on what’s going on at BuilderTREND? The co-founder said they’re busy at work acquiring new clients and employees while trying to stay at the top of their market while growing.

“We’ve invested in a sales team and development… we’re always looking for great developers,” he said. “We may be a big company now, but we still try and act like a startup. Type of lean, mean environment but where you can also have a little fun.”

Take a look at BuilderTREND’s new two story office building: 


Visitors are welcomed into a two-story atrium. BuilderTREND has offices on the first and second floors.


There are two large open floorplan rooms with desk for about 70 employees.


The whole office, including the conference rooms has bright colors from orange to green to blue.



A pool table, ping pong table and TVs are part of a massive “rec room.”


Art comes in the form of floor to ceiling chalkboards in multiple areas of the offices.


There are two full-size kitchens in the BuilderTREND office.


Credits: Office photos from BuilderTREND’s Facebook page

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