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Latest version makes EyeVerify’s scanning software even simpler

Eyeverify logoKANSAS CITY—On Monday, Kansas City-based EyeVerify announced users will be able to look ahead—literally—with its latest software update to Eyeprint ID.

In the first iteration of the biometric technology, which eliminates passwords on mobile devices, users would need to look at their device and then glance left in order for EyeVerify to authenticate the scan. Now in its second version, the team has eliminated the need for the glance, creating what EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush says is a more seamless user experience.

“Anytime you’re working on mobile, usability is always one of the most important aspects,” Rush told SPN. “When it comes to improving security, there’s a misconception that it always has to be hard. We’re trying to make it better, faster and easier.”

“Our algorithm has gotten good enough that the user can just look straight ahead,” Rush said. “As (users) look at their device, we needed to figure out what we have to do to continue verifying and reading enough of the whites and blood vessels in the eye.

“What we’re able to do now is create a cleaner and easier user experience.”

Rush says the breakthrough was a “combination of intense focus and creativity” from EyeVerify’s team of scientists and some “hardcore programming” from its developers. The result means the second version of Eyeprint ID is able to authenticate a user in 800 milliseconds, almost instantaneously from the user perspective.

Eyeprint ID’s new version will be formally announced this week at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, where EyeVerify will demo the updated software.

“We’re really seeing mobile money in the context of banking, payments, even mobile wealth management,” Rush said.

Rush points to possibilities like closing your home mortgage via mobile because of EyeVerify’s secure technology. The intersections of financial technology with EyeVerify’s software are strengthened by the company’s participation in Wells Fargo’s first accelerator program. In July, EyeVerify also announced a $6 million Series A equity funding round with investors, including Qihoo 360, Samsung, Sprint and Wells Fargo.

According to a release, Eyeprint ID currently is being utilized by Good Technology at banks throughout Australia via The System Works Group and for AirWatch Secure Content Locker customers later this year. The second version of Eyeprint ID will be commercially available the end of 2014 or in early 2015.

See for yourself how EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID 2.0 works: 

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