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Viirt raises $900,000 to disrupt the roofing industry

viirtViirt, a tech startup in the roofing industry, has announced they have now raised $900,000 in venture capital from Dundee Venture Capital and a small group of angel investors. The story first broke on Digital Journal.

“I’ve been in the roofing industry all my life and have done every job possible. Now, I’m excited to modernize the industry by adding a little bit of today’s technology to it,” said Josh Davis, CEO of Viirt.

Davis told SPN that the investment will go towards growing the team and marketing.

Viirt can generate a formal roofing bid for homeowners within a minute within 5% accuracy. By using satellite imagery, Viirt can save homeowners 20-30% on a new roof. For example, a project typically costing $13,000 could be reduced by $3,000-$4,000.

Davis said in a previous SPN article last summer that the process is 10 times faster than a traditional contractor.

“Thanks to internet and satellite technology, Viirt will be able to execute most project management functions remotely and automatically, especially on the front end. We are creating much needed transparency in the roofing industry by putting the homeowner back in control of the entire roofing process. We’re boosting consumer confidence,” said Davis.

The process also helps contractors keep their teams busy.

“We’re kind of the Priceline of the roofing business,” said Davis on the Straight Shot blog. “But instead of filling empty airline seats we’re filling up their downtime and giving them a secondary stream of revenue at a fraction of the legwork.”

Viirt was one of seven startup companies chosen in the 2014 class of Straight Shot, Omaha’s e-commerce and software-as-a-service startup (SaaS) accelerator. Straight Shot, headquartered in Omaha, NE, is an accelerator dedicated to rapidly developing technology startups in a way that will allow them to succeed at scale.

According to AngelList, Viirt received $20,000 in seed funding in July 2014. That’s included in the $900k, according to Davis.

Viirt is active and receiving customers in Omaha and Portland (OR) markets.

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