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Mobile marketing platform Moblico raises $900K [Updated]

11304554_695362327269_12807936_nMoblico, a mobile marketing company in the Kansas City area, has announced it has raised $900,000 in Q1 of this year.

The investors include the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) and a local angel investor.

Moblico says the purpose of the raise is “to continue our growth into new markets and pursue new business opportunities.”

This is MTC’s second investment in Moblico. MTC is governed by a board selected by the Missouri Governor and Missouri legislative leaders.

The future of predictive communication

Moblico was founded in 2010 by Pierre Barbeau and Jim Barnes. Moblico developed out an incubator at DST Systems in Kansas City, and now serves over 25,000 companies.

“As internet connected devices continue to proliferate and become increasingly personal, such as wearable watches, consumer demand for individualized communication and information becomes increasingly important,” said Barbeau.

“We see this phenomena not only impacting consumer facing apps but also apps built by enterprises aimed at improving employee productivity, communication and relationships.”

Editor’s Note: The original headline read $900M. M = Thousand; MM = Million (e.g. our last investment story, “Bulu Box receives $1.5MM to launch new data software“) Common business usage, see here and here. A capital “M” is not an abbreviation for “million.” I’ve switched the headline to K for clarification. Sorry for the confusion.)

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