Meet the 5 finalists for Best Creation of the Year

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As we get closer to the Silicon Prairie Awards, we still need you to help us determine which individuals and companies will take home these shiny golden analogs. We’ve compiled a few highlights from the massive number of nominations we received, so you can get to know the finalists a little bit better.

Remember, you can vote every day for your favorites and you still have 4 weeks to spread the word! Voting ends August 31st.

2015 Best Creation of the Year finalists

Cricket Rice, Bugeater Foods

Cricket Rice is an innovative food product that includes cricket powder and rice flour. This combination increases protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids in comparison to standard rice.

After securing a provisional patent on Cricket Rice, the Bugeater Foods team is excited to start conducting more research to keep improving their product.

Bugeater Foods hopes Cricket Rice and other future products will aid as a protein source for anemic consumers as well as those looking for an alternative, more protein-packed food source. Vote now

Bulu Insights, Bulu Box

Bulu Insights is a modern solution to the health food industry’s headache of product sampling.

After turning the Bulu Box sampling program into a valuable product intelligence software, Bulu Box is now able to configure consumer preferences while providing analytics to help brands navigate the barrier between a customer’s intent and actual purchase of a product.

The team already has multiple clients using the proprietary software, some who have paid over $5,000 per subscription. The software is clean, easy to use and a breakthrough for the industry. Vote now

Inside Outside Podcast

Inside Outside is a podcast dedicated to the struggles, passions and stories of startup founders everywhere. This show celebrates startup culture and empowers entrepreneurs from across the Midwest and beyond to build bigger and work smarter, regardless of location. Vote now


ECJC is the oldest incubator in Kansas City and one of the oldest in the country. For many years, its reputation was as dated as its facility.

Recently, ECJC invested in new staff and a sharp focus on providing the services that entrepreneurs need to grow. They did this by creating a new brand, moving to new location and revamping a workshop series that now serves hundreds of entrepreneurs.

ECJC’s refresh from the ground up has made this indispensable funding resource more accessible than ever to entrepreneurs in Kansas City and the surrounding region. Vote now

Clicky Tool, Viirt

Viirt’s Estimator Tool, recognized by its original name, The Clicky Tool, is the first satellite imagery technology to be released directly to homeowners from the roofing industry.

This tool allows anyone in the world to view an aerial image of their home and receive an instant quote for their roof replacement project. This tool is putting transparency back into the roofing industry. Vote now


Join us at the Rococo Theatre in Lincoln on October 1st to celebrate our region and to recognize the individuals and companies who are doing big things in the Silicon Prairie!

Melanie Lucks is an intern for Silicon Prairie News and AIM Careerlink.

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