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Jeff Slobotski joins Wave Interactive


Wave Interactive, a multi-disciplinary brand strategy firm based in Omaha, has announced the hire of Jeff Slobotski as Vice President of Business Development.

Jeff Slobotski is the co-founder of Silicon Prairie News and Router Ventures, a consultancy and angel investment fund. Slobotski will continue work on Router Ventures in addition to his new role.

“I’ve spent the last several years of my life discovering, connecting and helping to build people’s ideas and stories – people who as I often say ‘are doing amazing work while flying under the radar’. I’m now a firm believer that Wave Interactive is one of those exact companies with lifelong learners running the organization,” said Slobotski, in a press release.

The co-founders of Wave Interactive, Skeet Skaalen and Peggy Zier, are looking for Slobotski to help develop their regional and national presence.

“His experience in starting Silicon Prairie News in addition to Big Omaha, highlights Jeff’s visionary ability and broad understanding of bringing people and solutions together. We look forward to what the future has in store,” said Skaalen.

Wave Interactive was founded in 2005 and serves local and international clients, including Expedia, Complete Nutrition, Joslyn Art Museum and the Henry Doorly Zoo.

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