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Bart Lorang at Big Omaha: “Embrace the worst” [Video]

Bart Lorang of Full Contact spoke at Big Omaha 2016 about his early years selling pirated pornography on diskettes to his high school friends, underselling computers at OfficeMax and starting a PC consulting business. He also discussed what he does to keep from getting wrapped up in his title and position as CEO.

“Everyday one of the things I meditate on is that I assume that Full Contact and everything I do is going to be a total failure, and we’re going to lose all our money, and I’m going to lose $50 million of investor money, and I’m going to be homeless on the streets of Stockholm,” said Lorang. “I visualize and imagine [that], and I realize I’m still OK in that scenario.”

By visualizing the worst case scenario, it allows Lorang to keep things in perspective.

“Embrace the worst,” said Lorang.

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