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The 2017 Silicon Prairie Awards nominations are now open

Visit our nomination page to nominate the individuals and startups in the community who deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their success. Nominations end February 21. Finalists will be announced on February 23 and will be voted on by the public and a panel of judges. Winners will be announced on May 2 at the Silicon Prairie Awards ceremony.

We are proudly partnering with Lincoln-based startup Reviewr as our voting platform this year.

2017 Award Categories

New Startup of the Year: This company is the new kid on the block that has, within the last two years, grown from idea to full-fledged force. Nominate a new startup.

Investor of the Year: They don’t just provide funding. They brag about their companies and connect them to the people who will make things happen. Nominate an investor.

Executive of the Year: It may have been bleak at times, or maybe it was a smooth ride, but they led their company to remarkable success. Nominate a startup executive.

Student Entrepreneur: This student or student-led company—undergrad or younger—is getting noticed, either by building a company or leading entrepreneurial activity, and makes everyone question what they did at that age. Nominate a student.

Technologist of the Year: They could be a developer, engineer or programmer on staff—or they could be a freelancer. But a startup’s product wouldn’t have been quite the same without them. Nominate a technologist.

Champion: While entrepreneurs are hard at work building businesses, this individual or organization selflessly gives time to advancing their startup community. Nominate a Silicon Prairie champion.

Startup of the Year: The one everyone’s talking about. They’re making headlines, headed toward long-term success. Nominate a startup.

Best Corporate Innovator: It’s not just startups that are leading innovations these days. There’s are progressive corporations, and people inside corporations, that are doing some really awesome work. Tell us who they are and what innovative things they are up to. Nominate an innovative company.

Lifetime Achievement Award: This company or individual deserves mega-praise for their work and contributions in the Silicon Prairie over their company’s entire lifetime or over the whole of the individual’s career. Nominate an individual or company.

Interested in sponsoring an award? Contact Brian at brian@siliconprairienews.com.

Awards show details

When: May 2, 2017. Event begins at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Omaha Design Center (1502 Cuming St.)
Tickets: Tickets go on sale March 21, 2017

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