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SPN Startup Story Social revealed successes and surprises

Last night Silicon Prairie News hosted the first Startup Story Social, a new event highlighting a Silicon Prairie startup champion every month.

Startup Story Social is aimed at helping to ensure the future of Silicon Prairie’s tech startup scene by building the community through social events that combine founders, creative types, investors, engineers, designers, marketers, and more.

The latest episode of the SPN Startup Story Video Series was premiered last night. The 80 attendees were also given a preview of the Big Omaha 2017 branding, and had special access to tickets and a glimpse of Big Omaha speakers that won’t be announced publicly until Early Bird tickets go on sale February 28.

Real stories from a real startup

Last night’s guest speakers were Bulu Box co-founders Paul and Stephanie Jarrett. Bulu Box is a discovery ecommerce platform that allows consumers to sample and find their new favorite vitamins, supplements and healthy snacks while providing actionable data back to brands.

The Jarretts shared the ups and downs of startup life, from the common mistakes that nearly all new businesses make to the not so common, like accidentally leasing a business space without a bathroom. They embody true entrepreneurship with their focus on fearlessness and foundership.

“Startups are all about doing something faster, something different,” said Stephanie.

They told of how they worked tirelessly to build their business out of Paul’s parent’s basement. Their friends and family helped pack their initial 500 boxes. They even lived in one of their work spaces, sleeping on a bed next to a giant stack of Bulu Boxes.

They’ve come a long way since then. Bulu Box now has a 20,000 sq ft warehouse and they’re planning on hiring 35 new employees and hitting 2.2 million boxes in 2017. The Jarretts know that their progress is credited to having a flexible vision as to what success is and what they want for the future of their company.

“Don’t be so focused on what you think your business should be that you’re missing out on what is in front of you,” said Paul.

They also emphasized the importance of a positive inner-voice and keeping up the morale of Bulu Box’s team. They also take pride in  being a part of the next wave of businesses innovation in the Midwest.

“We decide what happens here.”

Join us on March 30 for the next SPN Startup Story Social.

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