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AquaMobile founder Diana Goodwin to speak at Big Omaha

Big Omaha features speakers from across the globe who bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the Silicon Prairie. As Big Omaha announces their speakers, we’ll be featuring them on SPN so you can get to know them and find out how they’re helping to shape the startup ecosystem prior to the conference on May 17-19.

Big Omaha recently announced Diana Goodwin, the founder and CEO of AquaMobile, as a speaker in their 2017 lineup.

AquaMobile is an on-demand, at-home swim school that is now the largest of its kind in North America. Diana was just 19 years old when she started her swim school business, which she grew with a single $3,000 investment that she received from a government grant.

“It started off by bootstrapping, so really it started with zero dollars of revenue and now we’ve reached over seven figures,” said Goodwin.

AquaMobile has doubled its growth almost every year and now has 1500 instructors operating in 25 states and across Canada.

Goodwin been profiled many publications including Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post and Techvibes, and is considered an innovator and thought-leader in bootstrapping. She has won a number of business awards, including Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and the $100,000 Small Business Challenge.

To find out more about Diana Goodwin and her accomplishments, watch her Big Omaha inverviews on YouTube or visit the Big Omaha blog.

For more on information on all of this year’s speakers visit the Big Omaha Speakers page. More speakers will be announced as the conference approaches.

Check out the Big Omaha Tickets page for registration information.

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