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Big Omaha announces speaker Daniel Burka

Big Omaha features speakers from across the globe who bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the Silicon Prairie. As Big Omaha announces their speakers, we’ll be featuring them on SPN so you can get to know them and find out how they’re helping to shape the startup ecosystem prior to the conference on May 17-19.

Daniel Burka, a Design Partner at GV, and formerly of Google Ventures, will be bringing his experience in product design and working with startups to the Big Omaha speaker stage.

Burka has had an impressive career working with internet heavy-hitters like Digg and Mozilla, founding companies, and designing and developing mobile and web applications.

To read more about Daniel Burka and his accomplishments, visit the Big Omaha blog.

For more on information on all of this year’s speakers visit the Big Omaha Speakers page. More speakers will be announced as the conference approaches.

Check out the Big Omaha Tickets page for registration information.

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