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Meet the 7 finalists for New Startup of the Year

As we get closer to the Silicon Prairie Awards on May 2, we still need your help to determine which individuals and companies will take home the trophies. We’re highlighting the finalists in each category so you can get to know the finalists a little bit better.

To vote, visit our Silicon Prairie Awards website hosted by Lincoln based Reviewr and browse through the finalists. Click on Read More to login and vote using the hearts. The more hearts, the more love you give the nominee! Score the finalists in each category between a 1-10. Please remember that you’re only able to vote once. Voting is open through March 21.


Read about AgriSync on SPN.
AgriSync’s focus is on the people in agriculture and the way they collaborate. Farmers today connect with their local, trusted agribusiness consultants for help adopting and implementing new technologies, practices, and biological advancements – a network of support resulting from our evolving agriculture industry. AgriSync thinks those support relationships matter, and wants to help them reach their full potential. AgriSync works to ensure the most important piece of modern agribusiness — the human piece — has its greatest impact.
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Gazella Wifi

Read about Gazella on SPN.
Gazella leveraged is Straight Shot graduate providing a variety of services to companies looking to improve their social media and those interested in turning their wifi into a automated marketing tool. Gazella has seen rapid growth and success.
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Gear Supply Co

Read about Gear Supply Co. on SPN.
Gear Supply Co. runs on the motto of “Quality guitar goods. Great prices. Honest service.”, and uniquely offers subscription guitar strings.
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Read about Bungii on SPN.
We’re an app that puts a pickup truck at your fingertips to help move, haul & deliver your stuff around town. We’ve been compared to popular ridesharing apps but instead of moving people, we move people’s stuff.
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Read about Proseeds on SPN.
Proseeds is revolutionizing the relationship between consumers, causes, and companies. Proseeds allows customers to automatically support their favorite causes without spending a dime, allows nonprofits to generate revenue without asking for donations or selling anything and provides companies a way to receive guaranteed sales while supporting community organizations.
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Pro-Arc Diagnostics

A small group of recently graduated WashU PhD students formed Pro-Arc to commercialize a technology that they successfully licensed from the National Institutes of Health. Pro-Arc Diagnostics is a developing next-generation laboratory test for patients at risk of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML). PML is caused by the John Cunningham Virus and is responsible for thousands of deaths each year. To date, doctors have had no way to determine which patients were at risk for developing PML. Pro-Arc’s technology is being designed to identify these patients, which may eventually allow doctors to monitor PML risk and safely design treatment courses in response.
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Read about ScoreVision on SPN.
ScoreVision is an Omaha-based technology company that provides schools and sports facilities with scalable, affordable jumbotrons that enhance the game-time experience for athletes and fans. The system is powered by ScoreVision Apps built with students in mind. It can benefit a wide variety of curriculums, bridging the gap between the gymnasium and classroom. The system also supports a wide variety of alternative uses – quickly converting your gym into a multimedia presentation area.
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