The Startup Collaborative launches All Rise Rally community building series


Last night, The Startup Collaborative welcomed their fellows, as well as residents, supporters and community builders, to the first ever All Rise Rally, a new monthly event described as part fellow Initiation, part badging ceremony, part tribe building.

“The All Rise Rallies are meant the celebrate and shine a light on the brave men and women who are starting up,” said Nathan Preheim, Co-founder of The Startup Collaborative. “Yes, it’s a bit of pageantry but that’s ok. Perception is reality, and I want the word to get out that everyday people are taking the first step in an exciting adventure. We need to honor and celebrate those brave folks who take action and decide to start their journey.”

Preheim said that it’s important to bring attention to new entrants entering the startup ecosystem, acknowledge the progress, traction, and outcomes that Fellows are making within the program, and recognize all of the sponsors and backers that allow The Startup Collaborative to carry forward.

“We also want our fellows to know that they aren’t starting alone. They’re actually joining a large tribe of like-minded members,” said Preheim. “A bigger, broader ecosystem of supports, backers, and peers that empathize with the plight and there to share in the successes and boost and encourage when times are tough.”

Preheim and Co-founder Erica Wassinger launched their new on-demand acceleration program in February of 2017. Since then, they’ve worked with close to 100 startups. October brought their biggest month for new Fellows with 15 people joining our program.

One of those 15 is Karisa Malchow, Founder of The Weather Up Here, a wardrobe solution for tall women. Malchow is in the beginning stages of launching her startup but she’s confident in what her time at The Startup Collaborative will bring.

“The biggest thing that I’m excited about is the connection and guidance to take this idea to fruition and solve a problem,” said Malchow.

Preheim and Wassinger hope that by bringing their All Rise Rally series to Omaha that they can help the community rise together and show more people like Malchow that starting up is hard work, but it isn’t impossible.

“I hope that more and more people see that starting up isn’t scary or intimidating, and to say ‘Hey, I can do that!’,” said Preheim.

Welcome New Fellows

Josh Reynoso, Futtle
Problem to solve: Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do I wear today because it is fall? During the average morning routine, people find it inconvenient to access information like daily weather and traffic conditions. There is a desire to have this content delivered into existing routines that are mainstays, like daily grooming in front of a mirror.

Summer Nabity, Nippees
Problem to Solve: New babies are often fussy and irritable and nothing calms them better than nursing. A mother’s nipple comes in a broad variety of shapes and sizes, but pacifiers and bottles are typically one-size fits all. If a baby that nurses most prefers his/her mother’s nipple, it’s likely that this baby will also prefer a pacifier or bottle that most emulates the mother’s nipple.

Mack Tempero, InTheScripts
Problem to solve: The consumer does not know the price of the prescription drug until purchase

Jonathan Renteria, KindCents
Problem to solve: Constituents are unmotivated to lend candidates for office support through donations or volunteering unless they feel like they represent their views and have not been corrupted by big money donations

Treyten Carey, World of Hello
Problem to solve: Learning to code apps and servers can be boring, especially for children, when it’s something you have to do individually.

Mitch Gillogly, StarGaze
Problem to solve: More and more people are making peer- and data-driven decisions. Yet the film industry lags behind inability to filter and individualize a moviegoer’s ideal next flick by placing more emphasis on quantity of reviews and less on the people who can provide the best reviews – our closest friends and family. This lack of context and individualization causes disappointment and is continuing to threaten the industry’s livelihood.

Tim Davis, Filmtasm
Problem to solve: The cost of movie concessions are too high, the cost of movie ticket prices are too high, it’s too hard to fit a new film into busy lives

Karisa Malchow, The Weather Up Here
Problem to solve: It is extremely difficult to find clothing – especially trendy or reasonably priced – that fits tall women well.

Makayla Rohrer, VirtuTech
Problem to solve: Current emergency training includes unrealistic drills which do not accurately replicate the duress of a real emergency situation. Performing these drills interrupts daily operation and takes away from productivity of workers and students.

Jamie Crager, BlazeFly
Problem to solve: Many businesses have assets or availability but lack the ability to show what will be available when.

Joseph Yaksich, Lendove
Problem to solve:
Borrower: Money concerns — specifically the lack of money NOW — is a challenge for me. It seems to have a ripple effect on my credit score, ability to secure loans and a myriad of other issues down the road. I am good for the money, but it is a cash flow timing issue oftentimes.

Investor: I have some — not many — funds available to invest in people and programs. I want to see a financial gain, but also want to improve someone’s livelihood. There are limited, if any, venues for me to make these type of investments.


Christine McGuigan is the Managing Editor of Silicon Prairie News




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