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FreelanceMyWay makes quality connections between freelancers and clients


It was reported towards the end of 2017 that roughly 36 percent of the U.S. workforce was freelancing. Those 57.3 million American freelancers contribute $1.4 trillion annually to the national economy. Freelance growth reports estimate that the majority of working Americans will be freelancers within a decade.

With freelancing becoming the norm for people who want to work independently for a living or for others who supplement their income with a side hustle, finding jobs is work unto itself. On the flip side, clients often struggle with finding the right freelancers for their project.

Freelance job posting websites have popped up all over the internet, but they can be overwhelming with infinite job options and dozens of leads generated from a single post.

That’s why Ohio-based FreelanceMyWay is working to set itself apart from the pack. Founded by a serial entrepreneur who has been launching web-based businesses since the late 1990s, FreelanceMyWay is focusing on quality of freelancers and job connections, rather than quantity.

“We wanted to have a verification process,” says Joe Daley, FreelanceMyWay founder. “We want to make sure we pay attention to the freelancers.”

FreelanceMyWay requires all freelancers to fill out an application as well as provide work history and a portfolio, as well as some personal information that will be researched and approved.

FreelanceMyWay offers fewer freelance categories than other sites in order to stay focused on certain areas of in-demand expertise. The website’s focuses include web and app programmers, WordPress, designers, data entry specialists, SEO and digital marketing specialists, and writers. Daley says freelancers are heavily vetted with upwards of 95% of applicants being denied by the quality assurance team.

Freelancers available for hire through FreelanceMyWay

Posters list their jobs and their budget; then freelancers can make bids on the project. Through the screening process, results are more tailored and specific. Posters are given fewer results, but better results.

“You can get on other sites and receive bids, but it creates more work,” says Daley. “You have to look through those and try to figure out who is legit and who’s not.”

Freelancers are paid securely through the website to help eliminate issues in the freelance world like completed projects that go unpaid or projects that get dropped partway through.  FreelanceMyWay collects and releases payment in full or milestone payments as the work progresses.

“Job posters look at a freelancer’s previous work history and select who they want to work with,” says Daley. “When they select them, we have the client make a small deposit, and that lets the freelancer know that they do have money to pay for the project.”

With a trend towards freelancing as a way to save businesses time and money, and to give skilled workers more flexibility and control over their careers, FreelanceMyWay is filling an important role in the freelance economy.

“We do a lot of the work for you and you hire who you think is a good fit,” says Daley. “We wanted to simplify the entire process.”


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FreelanceMyWay provides an easy, reliable and safe solution for you to connect with businesses and freelancers from all over the world.

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