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Why you need to attend the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit

The Inside/Outside Innovation Summit is less than three weeks away and Brian Ardinger, CEO of NXXT and founder of the I/O Podcast has plenty of reasons why you should be one of the hundreds of people from around the world to attend.

“I’m excited to host this event to help individuals and organizations understand the innovation imperative facing us today and how they can use collaborative innovation to accelerate growth and learn to compete in a changing world,” says Ardinger. “I’ll be speaking more about the IO Imperative and the new launch of InsideOutside.io, our podcast, and our growing network of innovators.”

Among his top reasons why you should plan on being at the I/O summit on May 29-31:

We’re living in an exponential world.
Technology is laying waste to old, established ways, industry after industry. How are you dealing with the technology tsunamis such as artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, self-driving cars, the blockchain, and countless other technologies and business models likely to impact your business? It’s hard to keep up. Get a crash course and learn first hand from some of the people and companies making waves in an exponential world.

If you and your company are not actively investing in innovation, you’re falling behind.
It’s true. 72 percent of the executives in a recent PwC benchmark survey said they’re not out-innovating their competitors. Are you one of them? How are you going to close that gap? Simple. Spend a couple of immersive days with some of the best and brightest in the world of innovation coming to share, work, and collaborate. Get up to speed quickly and learning some of the latest trends and tactics for open, collaborative innovation inside and outside your organization.

Explore new techniques and tactics for accelerating growth.
Learn about new models for innovation beyond the traditional R&D path, such as open innovation, Lean Startup, design thinking, and co-creation with partners, customers, and suppliers.

Get matched with people and companies you’re interested in meeting.
Sponsors and startups will have an active startup matchmaking program designed to establish and expand connections between people and companies.

Visit the startup showcase.
See 40 new startups from around the world actively building new businesses, new technologies, and new ways to disrupt traditional business models. Talk to founders. Explore connections and collaborations.

Watch a startup pitch competition.
One company will receive a $120,000 investment from our corporate partners. One startup will also receive an LNK Launch Grant of $25,000 for moving or expanding their operations in Lincoln.

The Inside/Outside speaker lineup

Learn from the amazing speakers.


Register online and get ready to accelerate growth, launch new ideas, and compete in today’s changing marketplace at the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit.

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