FinLocker secures third patent and $2.25M in funding lead by Cultivation Capital


FinLocker, a financial data and analytics company, announced the approval of a third patent in July and is in the process of developing additional techniques for securing data – both at rest and during transactions.

FinLocker received a $2.25 million venture capital round from Cultivation Capital earlier in 2018.

The firm, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, provides a secure platform for auto loans, mortgages, small business loans, and student loans.

At a glance

FinLocker is managed by Peter Esparaggo, a fixture in St. Louis startup scene. He was a founder of Cultivation Capital and has participated in many of St. Louis’ high flying fintech startups, including participating on the Board of Directors of Scott Trade and CEO of IntralSP. His team includes two other Cultivation participants, Barry Sandweiss and Tim Stern, and a SixThirty alum and CTO, Bryan Garcia.

The round was led by Brian Matthews and Cultivation Capital, a St. Louis based venture capital firm. Mr. Matthews is one of the founders of SixThirty, a St. Louis based technology accelerator. This accelerator has also participated in earlier funding rounds of FinLocker.

In addition to Cultivation, multiple family offices and angels have participated in the funding of FinLocker. This successful funding and others like it have helped move St. Louis into a critical position with the Silicon Prairie’s fintech ecosystem.

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