St. Louis startup WatchUGot looks to bring challenges and charities together


By now, viral internet challenges are nothing new. For years, these challenges have made their way through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube––a few even originating as far back as the days of MySpace.

While many of these challenges can tend towards the irreverent or even border on dangerous, some can also have positive results like 2014’s “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which sought to raise money for the study and treatment of ALS.

The Ice Bucket Challenge not only raised an estimated $220 million, but it also inspired one startup to help make it easier for other charities to do the same thing.

“Inspiration for WatchUGot stemmed from the fact that there was so much potential to help raise money for charities by utilizing the popularity of viral internet challenges, but no platform to make it happen,” said Brandon Gill, Watchugot Business Advisor. “Things like the Ice Bucket Challenge raised so much money, but there was actually a lot that wasn’t raised because people noted that they didn’t actually know where to donate.”

Gill said that because the videos were posted on Facebook and other social platforms, people didn’t always know how to make donations, or to which charity.

WatchUGot wants to be the main media platform that brings people together for internet challenges. The mobile application is dedicated to hosting mediums required for internet challenges (pictures, videos, etc.), as well as facilitating all the transactions from user to charity.

Erman Koc, WatchUGot Co-founder and CEO, and Kevin Moran, co-founder and President, officially launched the WatchUGot MVP in July of 2018.

Koc came to America from Turkey in search for a better life for both him and his family. A Mining Engineering graduate of one of the most prestigious engineering schools in Turkey, he worked at a mining database company but wanted more, so he entered a masters at The Colorado School of Mines.

He went on to be a Global Account Manager at MineSight, the largest mining software company in the world while also working on passion projects on the side.

Along the way he met Moran, an engineer and entrepreneur, another graduate of The Colorado School of Mines. Moran worked for a financial forecasting software company in the Bay Area called Riivos, where he designed financial forecasts for mining companies.

Moran is also a LaunchMe Chair of Launch St. Louis where he gets to interact with hundreds of nonprofits. He says WatchUGot is a passion for him because he knows it can change the world, and that’s what he truly wants to do with his life.

While the founders have largely bootstrapped their funding efforts so far, WatchUGot is quickly establishing a loyal following as the founders look to expand their product into key markets such as University Fraternities and Sororities who can use the product to launch fun challenges to raise money for the charity of their choice.

“Now that the team has data based on what users liked and did not like in the app, they are working on building version two,” said Gill.  “The app is gaining about 100 users per month in downloads, while the WatchUGot team spends most of its time marketing its ICO (Initial Coin Offering).”

The ICO will allow the WatchUGot team to earn funding for future development, as well as allow for future gamification and in app purchases or charity donations using the WatchUGot developed cryptocurrency “WUG Coin”.


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