Master your Metrics with Panoptive


Matt Dewig, CTO (left) and Brandon Clyburn, CEO. Photography by Matt Bellows.

“Where did I see that…I know it’s here somewhere….”

That oft-uttered phrase is probably one most analysts would prefer to eliminate from their minds for good. Managing, cataloging, and reporting metrics in any organization can be a daunting, tedious, and time-consuming task, oftentimes resulting in information disparities and delays. The rapidity at which business is conducted requires up-to-the moment facts and figures, without having to sort and re-compile data when reports are needed – yesterday.

Panoptive is the St. Louis-based data automation solution for quickly collecting, integrating, and curating key data at the core of business intelligence. The company’s platform is built for fast integration, with universal search and access to an institution’s storehouse of data. Panoptive is designed to eliminate much of the legwork analysts undergo to access, compile, and report data for their organizations.

A decade ago, Brandon Clyburn was implementing a business intelligence and data analysis division at Scottrade (acquired in 2017 by TD Ameritrade). He recounted to SPN that he and his first hire at the time, Matt Dewig, found themselves investing substantial effort in continuously hunting down and sifting through data and metrics.

Brandon, having years of data intelligence experience, had long been intrigued by the notion of starting up his own business; he wanted to galvanize his ideas around a solution that would dramatically simplify and economize the effort around accessing and cataloging enterprise data. He approached Matt and pitched the idea of co-founding a company. With Matt on board, they built a prototype, and in May 2018, they officially launched Panoptive.

The Panoptive tool equips organizations with a number of features to automatically integrate and build metrics from their corporate warehouse of data. The tool can alert analysts to anomalies within the data, and can integrate metrics with business events, such as marketing campaigns, to provide context around key performance indicators.

Once Panoptive has access to the enterprise database, automated self-service data preparation and data cataloging is quick and simple for the organization. Panoptive is currently proving out speed of implementation and ease of use in a pilot with one of its clients. “We had them up and running quickly – two days to set them up, two hours to implement new metrics, and two seconds to query the metrics. It’s the ‘two hours’ that we’re most proud of. When our clients can improve their data visibility within hours instead of months, it fundamentally transforms their decision support process” said Brandon.

He added, “We eliminate the legwork for our clients as much as possible. Once our clients reach a point where they want a data set, we drastically limit what they have to do to manage and report their key metrics, or scorecard. We have a cloud offering and built in efficiencies, so at the time adds a new data set, our tools can automatically produce a hundred key metrics. Take sales, for example, such as volume, products, regions, and demographics; we can take that information and create every possible cut of that data set. We can do every combination of those metrics for every customer – automatically.

Panoptive has its sights set on taking its product to the next level. “We’re striving to be at the forefront of the Big Data industry. We’re working to fine-tune our user experience and make it far and away better than any other data platform in the market today. We’re a perfect solution for any company that is driving results based on analytics that are otherwise unwieldy and unmanageable, and need reliable and fast data automation – our platform provides that for any industry, such as financial, manufacturing, and others.”

The founders highlighted their commitment and ties to the St. Louis’s startup community. “I started getting involved almost 10 years ago at ITEN meetings, and we are now ITEN members,” said Brandon. “We have a hub of innovative activity from startups to many larger companies around town; it’s an exciting time for us to hit our stride along with the St. Louis startup ecosystem as a whole. The high caliber of the companies in St. Louis is apparent, and we’re delighted to have been part of the startup scene from the ground up.”

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