ThreeKit raises $10 million in seed funding


3D product configuration and immersive visualization company ThreeKit raised $10 million in capital on January 10. Godard Abel led the deal with undisclosed investors participating.

Ben Houston founded Chicago-based ThreeKit in 2005. The company’s dynamic platform is designed to enable users to create enhanced online product presentations to scale their brands.

The ThreeKit solution includes capabilities for product tutorials, sales aids, and augmented and virtual reality. The platform’s visual configuration enables product catalog displays with interactive visualization so the consumers can better understand what they are buying.

“Traditionally visualization technologies have been clunky and difficult to use, but ThreeKit is a holistic platform that allows sellers to create their own interactive product experiences for their web stores,” said Houston in a press release. “Originally built for Hollywood, we saw a major opportunity to bring this technology to e-commerce, and are leading a new standard of product experience in the industry.”

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