SPN Community Survey: Milwaukee survey report


Photo by Tom Barrett

The Milwaukee community finished first among Tier 2 cities according to the 2018 SPN State of the Silicon Prairie Report.

Here are a few tidbits of information from the SPN community survey about how the local residents view their ecosystem.

What are the best features of your ecosystem?

Connecting activities

  • Great food and entertainment
  • Inclusive engagement
  • Diverse

Knowledgeable community

  • The collaborative community & diversity in the area
  • Transparency and Community
  • The ability to meet with anyone, access to people
  • Close-knit community
  • Supportive ecosystem
  • Momentum
  • Everyone knows everyone
  • Family values
  • The biggest small town in the US
  • Commitment and support from people
  • Community-driven

Financial capital

  • Affordable
  • Low barrier to entry


  • Corporate support
  • Access to large corps growing, and increased corporate funding
  • Talent
  • Enterprise support from several large businesses
  • Major universities
  • City / Regional Logistics

Mission purpose and metrics

  • No answers provided

Overall, residents of Milwaukee feel well connected to each other and engaged as indicated by the numerous mentions of community, connection, and access. This finding is also reflected in their high ratings of infrastructure and human network connectivity. Residents ranked access to high growth funding the lowest and only indirectly mentioned financial capital as a strength of the ecosystem. Milwaukee has a strong contingent of women founders doing great things in the ecosystem.