Vista Pipe & Supply increases oilfield visibility and accountability through partnership with Rig CallOut


Vista Pipe & Supply, a prominent and trusted supplier of OCTG, HDPE and line pipe to the oilfield, recently announced a move to broaden their service offering with an Enterprise License for Rig CallOut’s IoSC application.

St. Louis-based Rig CallOut provides advanced geo-location technology and a simple to operate, cloud-based communication platform. The technology brings visibility and accountability to the oilfield supply chain resulting in reliable shipment ETAs, reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT), and increased profitability for Vista Pipe’s oilfield customers.

Rig CallOut allows suppliers, trucking companies and oilfield end users to communicate exact details of shipments in one place. From detailed product load info to time stamps of pick-ups and stops, the application allows everyone in the supply chain complete transparency in communication, location details, ETAs and more, resulting in more profitable operations.

The technology creates accountability and fosters reliability, allowing Vista Pipe to provide industry leading on-time shipments to their customers.

Vista Pipe said in a press release that their decision to partner with Rig CallOut as an advanced vanguard of the technology is progressive and representative of the company’s overall reputation as a supplier of tubular goods and line pipe in the oilfield.

“Contracting with Rig CallOut just makes sense for our company,” said Tyler Hout, Vista Pipe President. We have been searching for a tool to help us increase accountability, reduce expenses, and improve our service levels; and Rig CallOut does exactly that. It brings communication to a level we’ve never experienced. As an Enterprise License holder, we are excited to share this revolutionary technology with all the trucking companies we use as well as all the oilfield companies we serve.”

With the Rig CallOut app, users enter details of their shipments and can add everyone involved in a delivery to the system. This allows the supplier, trucking dispatch team, driver, and end user to receive automated updates and up to the minute details. Which, in turn, allows the workers expecting the deliveries to plan for the arrival of their products down to the minute.

The application puts everyone in the loop, so the second a shipment slows everyone knows, giving them time to adjust scheduling.

“Rig CallOut is going to eliminate so many communication problems we previously faced every day. Knowing exactly where a shipment is in the delivery process will eliminate countless phone calls; and will help our customers prepare for delivery at a positively ‘exact’ time. This is unprecedented in the oil and gas industry,” said Hout.

Rig CallOut CEO Ryan Hunt explained that minutes are millions in the oilfield, and late deliveries not only halt operations, but also severely deplete profits, and can cripple vendor relationships.”

“Our technology grants a level of total visibility never seen before in the oilfield,” said Hunt. “Everyone can now see a shipment’s location and receive an exact real-time ETA, allowing the workers in the oilfield to plan deliveries down to the minute and eliminate costly Non-Productive Time (NPT). Vista Pipe’s adoption of the Rig CallOut application is sure to improve their client relationships and will help them as they strive to achieve the coveted position of the best supplier of OCTG and pipeline products.”


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