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SPN Funny Page: “The Company T-Shirt” by Growthology Lab

The Company T-Shirt by Growthology Lab

We’ve all heard the bit about “the first thing we did, was make our company t-shirts” and how that reflects misaligned priorities. If it is such a long running joke, why does it still happen so much? I believe it is because it as an easy thing to do and figure out in the world of uneasy choices. Building a company requires a lot of learning as you go and sometimes making decisions with imperfect information. One thing that you can check off the list? Make a company t-shirt. Founders make the decision, send it off to the printer, get something quickly in return, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they put their company t-shirt on. It brings a sense of concrete in a sometimes abstract world.  The question is, is this a good use of time and resources? Read More…


Amy Gehling is the founder of Story Seven, a consulting firm that helps clients build and communicate their brands with strategic and visual thinking tools. Since founding Story Seven, Amy has worked with a variety of organizations in tech, innovation, and community builders. Through her work she has been inspired to start Growthology Lab which works to identify and point out some of the common entrepreneurial faux pas, or toxicities that exist in “hustle” culture. Growthology Lab uses satire to not only poke fun of ourselves as entrepreneurs, but also to advocate for a healthier and more sustainable approach to entrepreneurship that suits each individual.

To learn more, visit: GrowthologyLab.com and StorySeven.com.

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