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Drake class makes iPad app a study in e-publishing

December 9, 2011 by

Assistant prof. Jeff Inman's senior magazine capstone at Drake University feels equal parts college-newspaper-the-night-before-press and professional blog newsroom. Perhaps that's because the veteran of alternative weeklies, including Des Moines' Cityview, runs this class of over a dozen senior journalism students like a commercial publication. …  read more

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With Anna Jones behind the lens, startups are squarely in frame

May 20, 2011 by

Anna Jones' view of the Des Moines startup community comes from a unique perspective: behind a camera lens. Jones operates her business, Anna Jones | Art of Photography, from Des Moines full-time, documenting everything from babies to weddings to commercial projects. As of December, she's also on her way to establishing herself as the photographer of choice for events throughout the startup community. "This ties in …  read more

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Brandon Herbel plants Make Believe clothing company, studio in Omaha

October 22, 2010 by

The generation of an idea, a thorough business plan and acquiring capital are three components that most aspiring entrepreneurs adopt when looking to launch their own business. But for one Omaha resident, a love for creativity, a passion for community and the United States' largest offshore oil spill was enough to launch his own clothing company and inspire others to "Believe." Brandon Herbel launched Make Believe Clothing Co. from the corner of his bedroom in October 2009, primarily…  read more

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A conversation with Pixar’s Josh Cooley, the transcript

October 8, 2010 by

Last Friday, Robert Murphy teamed up with photographer Jordan Green to cover a KANEKO Great Minds Series presentation by Josh Cooley, a story artist and director at Pixar Animation Studios. To read Murphy's recap of Cooley's presentation, "Coloring Outside the Lines," see: Josh Cooley gives an in-depth look at Pixar’s creative process. On Saturday, Murphy met with Cooley to learn more…  read more

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More on New BLK: Matt Linder, Shawn & Shane Bainbridge

October 8, 2010 by

Amidst downtown Omaha’s streets of corporate businesses lie somewhat-hidden art hubs that not only strive to promote local and in-residence artists, but also look to generate thought, conversation and debate within the creative community. While art facilities like KANEKO are known for turning heads as an innovative open space for the mind…  read more

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Nebraska Film: Mark Hoeger of Oberon Entertainment

September 17, 2010 by

As 35-millimeter film continues to become a figment of filmmaking's past, another emerging technique has given new life to the independent film industry, serving as a self-expressive art form for the filmmakers it attracts. The name of this emerging art form: digitization. Digital cameras, one of many devices to evolve from the digital revolution, provided aspiring filmmakers with an easy film production alternative and often times, served as a less expensive option. Curating film festivals since the 1980s, Mark Hoeger – co-president of Oberon Entertainment…   read more

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