SPN Funny Page: “The Target Customer” by Growthology Lab

By Amy Gehling / March 30, 2019

You should have a target customer. In fact, I fully believe you should pretend your target customer is an actual person. This is called a customer avatar, which is basically an imaginary friend for your business. Like an imaginary friend, you should understand what your avatar likes, dislikes, what motivates them, and what they need.…

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AGOGIE wearable resistance pants help improve performance

By SPN Team / March 25, 2019

  “Life is hectic. Finding time to work out shouldn’t be. Imagine burning fat, increasing calorie burn, building muscle, all by living your daily life. Now you can, and it’s as simple as putting on a pair of pants. The AGOGIE wearable resistance pants enable you to work out with every movement throughout the day.”…

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SPN Funny Page: The Hustle Fallout by Growthology Lab

By Amy Gehling / March 23, 2019

It’s true, coffee can be a miracle. However, there is only so much caffeine can do to cover up poor rest patterns and behavior. I do not and will never campaign for inaction or laziness and when I denounce the “hustle” I am not saying that dedication to your work isn’t important to creating something…

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How one startup benefited from leaving L.A. and moving to St. Louis

By SPN Team / March 18, 2019

SwipeSum CEO Michael Seaman didn’t know what to expect when he moved to St. Louis from Los Angeles in January 2018. But what started with Michael and his brother Stephen in a downtown coworking space has grown into a twelve-person team. Michael said that Stephen had been living in St. Louis and convinced him to…

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SPN Funny Page: The Everything Elixir by Amy Gehling

By Amy Gehling / March 16, 2019

Let’s face it. Most of us do not fit into one category of talents and skillsets. In the age of information where it is easier than ever to learn something new it is tempting to say we can take on everything and do everything. But here’s the catch… Read more –– Amy Gehling is the…

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Fluent offers new approach to how startup ecosystems help support founders

By Christine McGuigan / March 13, 2019

Two thought-leaders and former NMotion teammates have reunited and are making waves with a new approach to how startup ecosystems help support founders. Last year Beth McKeon, former Managing Director of NMotion, launched Fluent, a nationwide entrepreneurial training firm. Now, Fluent is expanding to new markets, running data-driven and dynamically evolving partnerships tailored to each…

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Vista Pipe & Supply increases oilfield visibility and accountability through partnership with Rig CallOut

By Christine McGuigan / March 8, 2019

Vista Pipe & Supply, a prominent and trusted supplier of OCTG, HDPE and line pipe to the oilfield, recently announced a move to broaden their service offering with an Enterprise License for Rig CallOut’s IoSC application. St. Louis-based Rig CallOut provides advanced geo-location technology and a simple to operate, cloud-based communication platform. The technology brings…

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Nitride Solutions – producing material in Wichita for the world

By SPN Team / February 28, 2019

Wichita-based Nitride Solutions is a manufacturer of materials used in electronics.  Sounds simple, but it’s much more complex. Founder Jeremy Jones explained that Nitride Solutions essentially grows crystals, in specially designed reactors at very high temperatures (4000 °F) to produce a material called aluminum nitride.  The resulting material is used for applications in electronics, refrigeration,…

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LenderClose offers ‘lending heaven’ for refinance and home equity lenders

By SPN Team / February 26, 2019

LenderClose, founded in 2015, and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, is equipping local community financial institutions to compete with national lending brands. LenderClose is a developer of products and services for lenders with the mission of saving local lenders time and money, and ultimately lowering costs for borrowers, all with an exponentially faster turn-around.  LenderClose’s…

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