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Read like a venture capitalist: Brock Smith’s resource list

I joined Invest Nebraska in June 2015 as an associate knowing very little about venture capital.  I’d attended law school and passed the bar exam, earned an MBA, founded a successful lifestyle company, and won some high growth pitch competitions. Yet, it’s amazing how little I actually knew about doing the job I had accepted.…

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Invest Nebraska’s Brock Smith makes move to Kansas City’s GXP Investments

Since Brock Smith joined Invest Nebraska in June 2015, the company has invested $9.2M in 40 Nebraska-based high-growth startups, as well as funded 18 companies as part of the NMotion accelerator. Those companies have raised an additional $76.3M, an amount that increases every quarter as companies such as Quantified Ag, Virtual Incision, Blue Prairie Brands,…

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Invest Nebraska brings capital raises to state’s communities

In 2011 state-by-state ranking, Nebraska came in dead last in venture capital deals with exactly zero. By 2015, Nebraska had jumped to 25th nationally with 13 deals totaling nearly $120 million.* So what changed? Some credit the Nebraska Business Innovation Act (BIA) for priming the pump. The BIA is administered by the Nebraska Department of…

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Virtual Incision secures $11.2 million, led by Bluestem Capital

A startup company built from collaborative research efforts at two University of Nebraska campuses has announced it has secured $11.2 million in equity financing. Virtual Incision Corporation received the investment, led by Bluestem Capital of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with support from existing investors including PrairieGold Venture Partners, also of Sioux Falls. Virtual Incision has…

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New Invest Nebraska CEO sees “opportunity to make a true impact”

East Coast native Mark Crawford is often asked why he moved to Omaha last June. He has some answers down pat.

“Besides Dan’s sell job on the beautiful beaches and 70-degree days, I can go up to the mountains and ski,” joked the CEO of Invest Nebraska, referring to the organization’s COO, Dan Hoffman, who recruited him.

No, really.

Well, he said, he had no wife, no kids, no mortgage, so “I could.”

For real though.

At Invest Nebraska, “there’s an opportunity to make a true impact” as an investor …

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Invest Nebraska doles out $500k to robotic surgical device company

Invest Nebraska Corporation, a state-funded venture capital organization, recently announced it participated in a bridge financing round of Lincoln, Neb.-based Virtual Incision. Though the terms of the round were undisclosed, Invest Nebraska analyst Adam Hunke told Silicon Prairie News the organization contributed $500,000 (investments made by Invest Nebraska must be matched or exceeded by another capital …

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