Awesome Camp to take place Saturday, January 30 in Lincoln

Awesome Camp, an upcoming event celebrating Lincoln's sundry entrepreneurs, has set its sights on stamping out the mundane nature of the business meeting. Dubbed an unconference, Awesome Camp has no fixed agenda. Instead, it will...

As necessary as they may be, no one really likes sitting through meetings. Something about being forced to endure a volley of stats and buzzwords can coerce even those of us passionate about our work into a staring contest with the clock.

Awesome Camp, an upcoming event celebrating Lincoln’s sundry entrepreneurs, has set its sights on stamping out the mundane nature of the business meeting. Dubbed an unconference, Awesome Camp has no fixed agenda. Instead, it will simply provide a platform for awesome people to do what they do best.


I caught up with one of the camp’s organizers, Deb Averett of Toolulu, and asked what attendees can expect from an event actively promoting the unexpected.

Silicon Prairie News: What exactly is Awesome Camp?

Deb Averett: Awesome Camp is ultimately an event to promote entrepreneurs and passion in Lincoln. It’s an unconference event where everyone can be, well, awesome. It’s an open environment which basically means there are no planned speakers or agenda. It will be an intense and exciting event filled with speakers, discussion and networking with attendees. We want to see what great things people are doing in and around Lincoln. More details about the event:

When: Saturday, January 30, 2010 – awesomeness starts at 9 a.m. (doors open at 8 a.m.)

Where: red9 (322 S 9th Street, Lincoln)

Who: Anyone can speak at the event, slots are filled first come, first served. We ask the presentations fit into one of these tracks:

  • Entrepreneurship (i.e. How to start a business, tips and tricks on being an entrepreneur, creating a great work environment, organizational tips, funding, innovative projects, etc.)
  • Communication (i.e. Twitter for business, blogging, PR 2.0, Marketing today, Is the Newspaper dead? How ads are changing, etc.)
  • Creative (Artists, musicians, crafty goodness, tips and tricks on getting gigs / selling your product, etc.)

How much: $10 (and that includes lunch!)

How to register: Register on our website at

For more information about Awesome Camp go to Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We promise it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

SPN: Where did you come up with the idea for Awesome Camp?

DA: Jim Williams ( started the idea with a few others after BarCamp Omaha. The Social Media Club of Lincoln was working on a similar event, so the two combined their efforts and got the ball rolling. The idea started because we wanted to have an event in Lincoln that ignited passion and collaboration with the entrepreneurs, communicators and creatives in the area

SPN: Awesome Camp is pretty free-form. What benefits do you think a lack of a planned itinerary provides?

DA: There are many benefits to having an open format. The biggest one, I think, is the passion that it brings to the event. The people that are going to get up and speak are passionate about what they are talking about. It will be an amazing event and I can’t wait to see what people are working on!

SPN: What can attendees expect if they go to Awesome Camp?

DA: They can expect to be inspired, to learn, to network. They can also expect to sit on a comfy couch or two… red9 has an amazing venue. There will be a great lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the day. And all of this for only $10!

SPN: What’s your personal role in Awesome Camp?

DA: I am one of the founders of Social Media Club and approached Jim Williams to work on this project with him. I have helped coordinate the event, gain sponsors and spread the word.

SPN: Describe what you hope Awesome Camp will be in one word (preferably something other than ‘awesome’).

DA: Moving

SPN: Anything else you’d like to say about Awesome Camp?

DA: This is an event you don’t want to miss! It is going to be eye opening and amazing. We have had a great response to the event so far, and are proud to have so many local businesses supporting it. I highly encourage you to attend. For $10 and a group of awesome peeps, how can you go wrong?


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