Johnny Cupcakes, Ignite Lincoln, Cornstalks, Coding Dojo and more

There's quite the variety of events headed our way in and around Omaha and Des Moines. We've included one, in particular, that is a bit outside of our regular entrepreneurial and creative event postings, but we've heard it's a very cool exhibit –BODIES…The Exhibition. Hope you can get out, enjoy the nice weather, and the

There’s quite the variety of events headed our way in and around Omaha and Des Moines. We’ve included one, in particular, that is a bit outside of our regular entrepreneurial and creative event postings, but we’ve heard it’s a very cool exhibit – BODIES…The Exhibition.

I hope you can get out, enjoy the nice weather, and attend some of the spectacular events we have in our own backyards.

Note: All event descriptions taken from event websites.

Wednesday, April 28 – Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour (Omaha)

Nomad Lounge (1013 Jones St) at 8 p.m.

The Cupcake Mobile is stopping at Nomad! Johnny Cupcake will be slinging t-shirts out of his suitcase and hanging out with his customers. Help Johnny celebrate the humble beginnings of his brand. There will be six suitcase exclusive t-shirts and a few other specials that can only be purchased on his tour.

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Wednesday, April 28 – Startup Lessons: What really matters (Lincoln)

Starlite Lounge Banquet Room (247 North 8th Street) from 5:30 – 9 p.m.

Event is free to entrepreneurs and those who have an idea.

Each lesson will be presented by a subject matter expert about use of the topic in business, include a hands-on activity highlighting the application of the lesson and small group exploration on how the topic relates to you own ideas or business.

The Lessons of this amazing mini-course include:

1) Opportunity Assessment – lesson presented by John Moorhead – Founder of Trivia140

2) Biz Model/Revenue Model Development – lesson presented by David Conrad – Director of NuTech Ventures

3) Aligning Incentives – lesson presented by Breck Collingsworth – Founder of Resort Lifestyle Communities

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Thursday, April 29 – Ignite Lincoln

Bourbon Theatre (1415 O Street) from 6-8 p.m.

Ignite Lincoln is an opportunity to unite our city for bold ideas, local pride, and a whole lot of fun.

Ignite, a program created by O’Reilly Media, asks the question, “If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? … Around the world people have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers.” Ignite started in Seattle and has since spread to large cities across the globe. It’s time for Lincoln to be added to the list.

Lincoln has a diverse community, each group with their own traditions, cultures, and studies: entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, entertainers, engineers, geeks, professors, and the list goes on. There are so many unique voices waiting to share their excitement with our growing city.

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Thursday, April 29 – Cornstalks (Omaha)

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce building (1301 Harney St), drinks and snacks will be served at 6:30 followed by the formal program at 7:30 p.m.

Startup Weekend Omaha took place last month (March 19-21) resulting in the formation of new companies in just 48 short hours! was selected as the winner and took home a $2,100 cash prize. This month, the participants of Startup Weekend will be speaking on where their companies are today, about six weeks after they were formed. The presenting companies include: GiftBright, Underground-Omaha, Confurrent and others.

Saturday, May 1 – BODIES… The Exhibition (Omaha)

1002 Dodge Street for a limited engagement

Visited by more than 15 million people in cities around the world, BODIES…The Exhibition provides an amazing up-close look at the detailed structure and function of the human body using real three-dimensional human bodies that have been meticulously dissected and preserved. BODIES … The Exhibition will enlighten, empower, fascinate and inspire.

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Monday, May 3 – Des Moines Coding Dojo

Impromtu Studio (300 Southwest Fifth Street) from 7-9 p.m.

In a Coding Dojo, coders come together and complete a programming challenge in a fun environment that provides a night to refine ones’ skillz. Coders have no knowledge of the problem until they form teams on the evening of Coding Dojo. The Des Moines Dojo adds the challenge of coding from scratch in front of an audience.The solution of the night’s problem for may require use of various languages, tools, and exercise formats.

Coding Dojo is a non-competitive, collaborative event at which all skill levels are welcome. It’s a fantastic place to test new methods and ideas. Participants should bring their lappies!

The problems are always new and provide a challenge for all levels of coder. An exercise is successful when coders complete the challenge within the time limit and can repeat the solution at home, alone.

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Saturday, May 1 – Iowa Code Camp (Iowa City)

Iowa Memorial Union at the University of Iowa (125 North Madison Street) from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

You might be asking, what’s a code camp?

Well, here are some of the basic ideas: 

  • Community driven
  • It’s for and by developers
  • No cost for attendees
  • Developer relevant content
  • Never during work hours – usually on a Saturday

What a code camp is not:

  • Product placement
  • Corporate marketing

We are looking for developers who want to tell other developers about cool things they are doing. Topics they really care about. If you are working with .Net, Ruby, PHP, Java, Rails, Python, SQL, <fill in the blank> and you want to tell other people about it, then consider submitting a speaking proposal.

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Emerging Terrain: Call for submissions (Omaha)

As Midwest metropolitan landscapes undergo change — from agrarian to suburban — the systems of earlier settlement become obsolete; farmsteads, rail, grain silos, etc. Many of these are demolished to make way for the new, with the exception of the mid-century concrete grain elevators and their assembled silos. Thick, heavily engineered construction renders them too expensive for demolition. These structures, with their economic condition and cultural narrative, are opportunity for compelling regional land use discourse.

Emerging Terrain is spearheading a collaborative endeavor to re-purpose a derelict, yet iconic, historic landscape structure as contemporary cultural awareness. Designers, artists, etc. will submit ideas for 20’ x 80’ images to hang on the exterior of a vacant grain elevator near downtown Omaha. Concurrent with fall harvest, a dinner table at the base of the elevator will host an epic dinner to celebrate the exhibition.

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