Gregor Diagnostics Raises $0.9 Million Seed Funding in July


Madison startup Gregor Diagnostics raised $900,000 in seed funding in July, 2018.  The deal, led by First Round Capital and Green Park & Golf Ventures also included WARF, Health Wildcatters, Nat Turner, and Zachary Weinberg.

The company plans to use the money to hire two research scientists and fund its first patient study. In its study, the company will evaluate a panel of biomarkers in an effort to decrease overdiagnosis and more effectively detect and manage prostate cancer.

The company anticipates it could be four to five years before its prostate cancer test goes to market .(1) Tobias Zutz is Gregor Diagnostics founder and CEO.

At a glance…

Gregor Diagnostics, founded in 2016, is building a non-invasive at-home screening test for early-stage prostate cancer. According to the company, the test will be the first diagnostic test to not only detect prostate cancer at the earliest stages, but also differentiate between different forms of the cancer.

In a press release, Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round stated,

“We’re thrilled to back Toby on his journey to make a massive change in the way prostate cancer is detected. Diagnostics can play an outsized role in patient and population health, as they can have an extreme impact on curbing the use of unnecessary and expensive treatments and procedures.  More accurate diagnosis of any disease will lower overall healthcare costs by eliminating the use of ineffective interventions. Unfortunately, diagnostics basic research and companies are undervalued and underfunded.”

First Round is a seed-stage venture firm whose other investments include Flatiron Health and Clover Health. Dallas investment firm Green Park & Golf Ventures has invested in over 60 companies.

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