Arc Suppression Technologies Raises $2.9 Million In Funding

Funding Report Graphic

Arc Suppression Technologies, a Minneapolis-based technology company, announced three weeks ago that it raised $2.9 million in funding from an angel-backed investment.

CEO Robert Thorbus and CTO Reinhold Henke founded Arc Suppression Technologies in 2010. After shortly realizing classical arc suppression did not deliver promising results, Thorbus and Henke got to work on contact arc suppression products that have since transformed the consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive, and military markets.

Arc Suppression Technologies announced in a press release May 1, 2019, that they introduced a new universal three-phase NOsparc® arc suppressor. This new technology is “capable of protecting a broad range of motors from ‘single phasing’ – a destructive phenomenon that costs users billions of dollars in replacement contactors and motors,” according to the company. With this new technology advancement, Arc Suppression Technologies now has the capabilities to prevent arcing, which occurs when an electrical current flows between the space of two conductors. This is due to the electrical breakdown of gas which produces an ongoing electrical discharge that can lead to damage and equipment failure.

This innovation in technology is designed for AC power applications that operate between a specific voltage range. According to the company as stated in a press release, “There are millions of such motors operating in the world today, including semi-hermetic compressors for refrigeration, scroll compressors for air conditioning, water pumps, heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, automatic doors, and CNC and injection molding machines used in manufacturing.”

In short, Arc Suppression Technologies is a company that is fundamentally improving the overall efficiency, cost, and sustainability of electrical power switching.

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