BanQu, a blockchain as a service company in Minnesota, begins fundraising in Minneapolis


BanQu, a blockchain as a service company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, filed paperwork with the SEC this week.

The company provides technology that enables supply chain transparency, traceability, and efficiency through non-crypto blockchain technology. The technology specifically targets providing awareness to first world countries that have supply chains in third world locales.

By building a blockchain link to transactions throughout the supply chain, end users and retail distribution companies can be assured of the compliance of their supply chain with standards consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, the individuals, refugees, and providers in the third world get an economic identity that allows them to participate in the global marketplace.
The filing indicated that the company had already raised $1.5 million in venture related investment although the company did not disclose the funders. According to CrunchBase, the company has raised approximately $2.6 million to date.

Ashish Gadnis, the CEO of BanQu, in an earlier press release stated: “The BanQU platform is now live in 12 countries across multiple brand supply chains, impacting nearly 200,000 last mile beneficiaries to date.” At the same time BanQu revealed that the company had transactions in Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malawi, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Uganda, United States, and Zambia.

To find out more about the company and its mission, check out their website at


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