Puma Scan builds quick momentum in Des Moines

Puma Scan

Puma Scan helps technologists scan a variety of software development code to identify irregularities.

The company started in Des Moines in 2017 as an open source product targeted at software developers using C#. However, after tens of thousands of downloads, the company realized that there may be a commercial opportunity to build a professional scanner tool.

The company was started by Eric Johnson and Eric Mead, college roommates at Iowa State University. Both have the title of Principal Security Engineer and have extensive experience regarding software development, code analysis, and cyber security.

The two Erics started as .NET developers that worked together and became co-founders. The company was started because the two founders discovered that traditional “scanners” were not reliable and consistent enough for their own uses. This made it logical that the two would team up to build a company targeted at making development easier by providing a tool that helps scan new code for defects and bugs.
The two founders helped create a scanning tool that provides less “chatter” and fewer false positives than other tools on the market. The tool has continued to evolve and is constantly adding documented security rules for its enterprise application – both through customer input and external user input.

Customers vary for Puma Scan. Specifically, many of their downloads and customers are line developers seeking a convenient way to backcheck their code. However, the company’s customer list also includes CISOs and other C-level IT leads. These clients span multiple industries including insurance, travel, banking, and retail. According to the company, Puma Scan’s perfect customers are information security managers and executives because “they like the lightweight and quickness of the tool in Visual Studio, on their Build Servers and in their AzureDevOps pipelines…it provides a quick snapshot into the state of their application security programs.”

Puma Scan is part of a growing number of companies starting in West Des Moines, Iowa. Much of this development can be attributed to the expansion of service by Gravitate to the region.

Visit https://www.pumascan.com/ to learn more about this company.



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