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Player’s Health, provider of an injury management platform for young athletes, raised $2 million in funding last week in order to generate revenue.

An athlete’s health, especially at a young age, has become a priority to coaches and parents in recent times. With their free software, Player’s Health Rehab allows the user to manage injuries and send real-time updates to everyone who needs to know via phone, tablet or desktop. PH Rehab is also HIPAA-compliant. Additionally, the injury management system specializes in injury tracking. This means quick and easy filing of injury reports via the mobile app or desktop, while the return-to-play system enables the user to know when an athlete is ready to return from an injury.

Lastly, the platform provides aggregated data in the form of graphs. This grants the user the ability to recognize injury trends across an organization, consequently limiting specific injuries. Not only does the software help keep athletes healthy, but it also reduces the risk of liability for improper care for organizations.

Player’s Health has partnered with TeamSnap, US Club Soccer, Sports Engine, Colorado Amateur Hocker Association (CAHA) and U Sports. Player’s Health is continuing to broaden their network of service partners, national governing bodies, state associations, sports medicine clinics, schools, and clubs to help keep youth athletes safe.

Player’s Health was founded by Tyrre Burks in Minneapolis back in 2012. Burks was a former professional football player that sustained many injuries throughout his youth and professional sports career.

“As a professional athlete, there was nothing that I didn’t have when it came to medical support, equipment, facilities… youth sports don’t have a fraction of what most professional or collegiate athletes have and I was really passionate about making sure that youth athlete have some resources to help them when it comes to managing their health.” said Tyree Burks in an interview with Rewire. 1

Player’s Health founder Tyree Burks is no stranger to working hard to become successful. “The odds are against you to become a professional athlete. The odds are also against you to be successful in a startup. Nine out of every 10 startups fail. I am used to those odds and I am comfortable with them. I think me being a professional athlete helped me weather the storm and build a company like this.” he said.

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