Rural Iowa-based Point of Choice receives funding

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Point of Choice (POC), a startup out of Fairfield, Iowa received $1.75 million in private placement funding in June. The company works to facilitate the business-to-institution relationship between K-12 school districts and vendors. The investors in the  deal are undisclosed.

POC’s platform provides a streamlined transaction solution for school districts through a 5-step process. First, a school district POC first gives its product, k-purchase, to the school district at no cost. K-purchase speeds the buying process by up to 70% by making the information essential for purchasing decisions easily accessible.

The next step is highly analytical. Using the data collected by k-purchase, POC can translate their buying patterns into useful summaries that include who does the buying, what they buy, and how much they spend on it. POC’s platform then pairs this data with the marketing data of vendors and works out the cheapest options for schools based on their past behavior.

Another feature that is highly beneficial for schools is the purchasing advocate, an individual who knows details about vendors. These purchasing advocates integrate as part of the buying team and maintain close relationships with the districts they assist. Finally, POC connects each vendor directly to the school so that they can build relationships, save money and time, and expand their brands.
Paul Tanoff leads the company as CEO. Tarnoff has helped grow companies of all sizes throughout the last 30 years. He is also connected to the field of education through his master’s degree in education.

POC provides a unique solution for vendors hoping to sell to school districts based upon the district’s past buying patterns through the combination of its k-purchase and POC platforms.

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