Another Raise for Inprentus

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Inprentus, a Champaign, Illinois, company filed paperwork with the SEC on Friday that it had completed a raise of more than $1 million.  Inprentus makes blazed diffraction gratings used at synchrotrons and free electron laser facilities.  The company was created in 2012 by University of Illinois faculty member, Peter Abbemonte.

Inprentus build diffraction gratings for government and other research facilities.  These facilities are where scientists use diffraction gratings in variety of spectrometry and monochromator instrumentation to differentiate electromagnetic waves.  Basically, this means that the gratings are essential to studying materials, chemical compounds, and pharmaceuticals.

Inprentus has built a novel way to design, manufacture, and produce gratings.  According to a press release provided by the University of Illinois, “Inprentus is able to manufacture diffraction gratings with 2,500 grooves per millimeter that separate electromagnetic waves allowing researchers to better understand what a material is made of and how that material will react in different scenarios.”

In a previous press release, Ron Van Os, Inprentus’ CEO commented, “Our manufacturing innovations and specification improvements are wholly focused on providing the world’s most precise diffraction gratings.  This new investment will quicken the pace for our manufacturing capacity build-up and advance our R&D efforts to meet growing customer demand now and in the future.”

Following a previous raise, Flyover Capital General Partner, Keith Molzer, praised Inprentus: “We were impressed by the value that Inprentus has developed with its high precision diffraction grating.  With revenue growing steadily and an experienced team in place, we immediately saw that Inprentus was the type of investment opportunity we were looking for as we believe it highlights the innovative technology start-ups coming out of the US mid-west region.”

Inprentus’ raise marks more than fifteen for the Champaign region in 2019.

To find out more about the company, check out their website at


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