Two Wisconsin Companies Announce Raise of More Than $1 Million

Funding Report Graphic

OnLume and Simply Solutions announced last week that they had raised over one million dollars in venture funding.

Madison based medical device company, OnLume, filed paperwork with the SEC that they had raised $1.37 million of incremental cash.  On its website, the company describes its technology as, “intuitive and ergonomic solutions for precise fluorescene image-guided surgery.”  Fluorescene is the process by which materials are able to emit light have absorbed the light previously.  This is different from phosphorescence where light can be emitted for a time following the elimination of the source.  OnLume provides fluorescent dye concentrations across a variety of spectrums.  This means that its products can be used for numerous surgical disciplines.

Simply Solutions is a Janesville based manufacturer of all-natural lubricants and other tinctures.  The company filed paperwork last week that it had raised $1.23 million.  Simply Solutions was formed in 2011 to blend science with nature – creating an opportunity to use the best of both to produce a variety of lubricants and tinctures for the individual.  The company stated on its website, “We believe current scientific knowledge can further advance the natural remedies which have been proven over the centuries.”



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