Scale Omaha | Scaling Product Strategy for 200k Teams with John Wirtz, Co-Founder of Hudl

Video: Hudl Co-founder John Wirtz shares insights into Hudl's growth journey over the past 15+ years.

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The following is a recording and summary provided by the Scale Omaha team.

John Wirtz co-founded Hudl in 2006 with the ambitious goal of building the most powerful video and data platform in sports to help talent everywhere thrive. Since then, Hudl has grown into the global leader in sports performance analysis solutions, serving over 200,000 teams in 139 countries.

Under Wirtz’s leadership as co-founder, Hudl has scaled from just 3 founders to over 2,000 employees. He has played a key role in building Hudl’s suite of products that empower coaches, athletes, analysts and administrators to use video and data every day to improve performance.

John will share insights into Hudl’s incredible growth journey over the past 15+ years. He will provide a first-hand account of the challenges and successes in scaling a sports tech startup into a global platform with over 1 billion videos analyzed. Gain valuable perspectives on product-market fit, assembling a world-class team, fostering company culture, strategic decision-making, and more. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most successful founders in sports technology.

Recorded by Peterson Media 


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