CodeBuddy Launches AI- & Human-Powered Coding Solution

CodeBuddy launches AI- and human-powered platform to accelerate software development and increase efficiency for engineers. The startup also announced a $600k pre-seed investment round.

CodeBuddy - Supercharge your software

A Nebraska startup is using artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to help developers build software in a fraction of the time.

CodeBuddy — a MOVE venture capital portfolio company and 2023 NMotion Growth Accelerator alum — officially launched its platform designed to boost the speed and efficiency of software development by providing on-demand coding solutions.

How CodeBuddy Works

A software engineer submits their coding task to the CodeBuddy platform and then receives a lightweight code solution along with step-by-step instructions to implement it. The task is broken down into small, working examples created leveraging a combination of human experts and advanced AI.

CodeBuddy’s AI helps users define the initial coding task that needs to be completed when they submit it. Next, a developer with domain expertise relevant to the task creates a working code solution, a CodeKit, to send back with instructions detailing how they would implement it. Finally, the CodeBuddy user integrates the code directly into their existing codebase.

CodeKits are saved in a library so they can be accessed and reused in the future. A CodeBuddy spokesperson said the startup’s approach makes the development process more efficient and less prone to errors because the solutions are verified by human experts and not just AI. 

CodeBuddy offers a free community plan, plus a subscription model or bulk pricing for enterprise. The founding team said the platform was designed to serve large enterprises, emerging hardware startups and solo developer shops.

The company was co-founded by Devon Seacrest and Hunter Dorhout. CodeBuddy CEO Seacrest has more than 20 years of leadership experience at high-growth companies. He is a Pipeline Entrepreneur Fellow and was previously an adjunct professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. CodeBuddy CTO Dorhout is a full-stack engineer with experience developing software solutions for the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies.

In addition to launching its latest product, the startup also announced a $600k pre-seed round of investment.

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