Introducing Guardify: VidaNyx Announces New Name, Brand and Products

An Omaha-based digital evidence management startup launched a new brand (and name) as it looks toward future product and market expansions.

Digital evidence management startup Guardify, formerly known as VidaNyx, rolled out a new name, logo, website and user interface in late January.

Under the leadership of CEO Ben Jackson — in the role since May 2023 — Guardify aims to provide innovative and secure digital solutions for the justice sector. Jackson said the company has evolved from a victim advocacy platform into a full suite of digital evidence management tools.

Jackson explained, “Guardify embodies our vision to fortify justice by offering communities advanced evidence management solutions that foster efficiency, accountability and trust.” He said that law enforcement remains a pivotal user group.

The company was established in 2018 by Giving Tech Labs in Seattle, and initially served Omaha-based Project Harmony Children’s Advocacy Center as its first client. The company was started to help eliminate insecure methods of transferring child forensic interviews, i.e. DVDs and USB flash drives. Guardify currently serves more than 300 child advocacy centers in the United States, according to company leadership.

Guardify expanded its scope in 2021 and introduced products supporting prosecution offices with evidence management and trial preparation. “Today, Guardify supports over 55,000 users, many of whom are in law enforcement, public litigation, family protective services and adjacent agencies,” said Jackson.

“Guardify has changed the game for the multidisciplinary teams accessing sensitive evidence,” Project Harmony Executive Director Gene Klein said. “Not only has Guardify streamlined workflows saving time and money, but their mission-focused approach has kept hundreds of thousands of child forensic interviews safe from being accessed by unauthorized viewers. Their expansion in managing all types of evidence for all types of cases only makes sense.” 

Guardify Director of Product and Customer Success David Coburn affirmed the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring professionals are equipped to navigate evolving legal landscapes with confidence. “We are investing even more in research, development, and support to ensure that we can empower professionals to navigate the legal challenges of today and tomorrow.” 

According to a company spokesperson, Guardify’s two flagship products — Guardify for Children’s Advocacy Centers and Guardify for Prosecution Offices — are currently being used in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Guardify’s rebrand signifies its transition to serving all facets of the legal community, including forthcoming role-based tools and solutions tailored for civil cases and public defenders.

CEO Jackson said upcoming plans include: rearchitecting Guardify’s platform to scale to serve more clients, hiring more sales and engineering talent, and investing in AI and blockchain technology to enhance video evidence management and validation.

Karlha Velásquez Rivas contributed to this story.

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