How Benaissance successfully navigated Obamacare

By SPN Team / June 2, 2015

In fall of 2009, John Jenkins and Mark Waterstraat were anxiously watching the Affordable Care Act debate unfold, knowing it could potentially sink their company. Jenkins and Waterstraat had created Benaissance in 2006 around processing COBRA-compliant insurance payments for employers. (COBRA allows employees leaving a company to remain on their company’s health plan for a period of time.)…

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Health ID brings personal data, wearables into the pharmacy

By SPN Team / May 28, 2015

Angelo Pitassi Jr., Founder and CEO of Health ID, never imagined the day his youngest son would be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is a disease that is hard enough for a grown adult, but Pitassi never realized how difficult it was to manage on a day-to-day basis for a 3 year old. His son…

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Watch this gorgeous video about Quantified Ag

By SPN Team / May 26, 2015

Windstream posted this stunning video about Vishal Singh and his Lincoln-based Quantified Ag. Quantified Ag went through the NMotion accelerator in 2014. Windstream is a major supporter of the Silicon Prairie region. (H/t to Aaron Babcock)

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Seamster wants to make your content management effortless

By SPN Team / May 21, 2015

Yaw Odame and Caity Klitz, co-founders of Seamster, knew they had to move to Lincoln, Nebraska, if they wanted to start a company. “We were talking about building this thing, and we kind of joked with our friends, ‘Hey, we should move [to Lincoln],’” said Odame. “Food doesn’t cost as much, and rent is really…

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SitStay’s Jill Liliedahl talks ecommerce, EntreFEST

By SPN Team / May 12, 2015

Next week Jill Liliedahl, founder and CEO of SitStay, will be speaking at EntreFEST, Iowa’s premiere entrepreneurship event. She will be talking about how she revitalized her Lincoln-based ecommerce company. SPN spoke with Liliedahl over the the phone. SPN: What have you been up to at SitStay since you left the StraightShot accelerator last summer? Last December we did…

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How Jack Wagnon launched ctel3 using partnerships, not capital

By SPN Team / May 6, 2015

In 2010 Jack Wagnon moved from Portland, Oregon, back to his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. He started ctel3, a business management consulting company with a focus on cutting edge automated sales, marketing and customer service. In five years Wagnon has grown his business with clients across the Midwest–all without a major capital raise. SPN spoke…

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Night Life Transit wins $8,500 at Get Started Omaha

By SPN Team / May 1, 2015

Night Life Transit, an Omaha-based startup that provides bus service for urban night life hotspots, won $8,500 last night at Get Started Omaha, an event put on by COX Business at the Holland Performing Arts Center. The startup, founded by Eric Burns, plans to begin service June 5th in the Omaha area. Burns is currently…

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ABPathfinder wins Microsoft Health Innovation Award

By SPN Team / April 30, 2015

ABPathfinder, Inc., developer of a software tool for autism therapy, has won the Microsoft Health Innovation Award for its work enhancing patient care through analytics. Founded in 2010 in Overland Park, Kansas, ABPathfinder develops cloud-based software to improve patient outcomes in autism therapy. “Therapy centers and schools are using our software as a time- and…

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