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Omaha’s first Tweetup was a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Omaha’s first TweetUp this last Saturday at Aroma’s in the Market!

It was a great time to meet and talk with other Omaha Twitter users and the overwhelming consensus was that we’ll be holding the second event in the very near future…

Thanks to Joe Schmidt for an excellent writeup of the event found here: http://www.joeschmidt.com/archives/2008/06/omahas_first_ever_tweetup.php

(photos coming soon…)

In the meantime, please register for Omaha’s first BarCamp coming this August to Frost Acres. We’re expecting a large number of creatives and technologists from the greater Omaha community and beyond to participate in this 3 day event.

There’s a lot of buzz building…it’s a great time to be in Omaha!

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